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The reverse train traffic was launched on the first Moscow Central Diameter

The reverse train traffic was launched on 12 December in the Moscow center on the Belorusskaya – Savyolovskaya construction site of the Moscow Central Diameter 1 (MCD). Trains will run in both directions alternately on the same track. Such regime is necessary for the MCD-4 launch in 2023.

The reverse train traffic was launched on the first Moscow Central Diameter

Several trains will run in one direction with the headway of 5-30 minutes – two trains in a row with the headway of 5 minutes in one direction, then in 30 minutes the next pair in the other direction. At this headway, there will be trains running on the MCD-1, Lastochka trains from the far suburbs and the Aeroexpress trains running from the west of the capital to the Sheremetyevo International Airport. Some of the Aeroexpress trains will follow a through route and some will follow a shortened one. Changes in the traffic will not affect other sections of the Diameter, beside the blocked one.

«In order to increase the mobility of the MCD-1 passengers during the reverse train traffic, we predicted possible alternative routes and developed a new logic for traveling along the MCD-1. From December 11 until the end of the reverse train traffic, the interchange from the MCD-1 to the MCD-1 through the metro or the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) will be free. In conditions of the extended intervals, passengers will not have to wait for the next train, but to change their usual route and bypass the reverse section on another mode of railway transport, then returning to the Diameter. The reverse train traffic is a temporary solution which is necessary for the railway infrastructure development and the MCD-4 launch», – noted Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

Despite the reverse train traffic launch, there is a possibility for the passengers to go through the city center by the Diameter. The central construction site is overlapped and won’t take many years due to the reverse train traffic. During this time the large-scale and complex work will be carried out to modernize the railway infrastructure. Two existing tracks on the reverse traffic section will be renovated, and two additional tracks will be built. Thanks to this, MCD-4 will be launched. In total, 15 km of tracks will be laid here, comprehensive infrastructure development will be carried out and 3.8 km of noise barriers will be built.

If necessary, passengers can choose an alternative route with an interchange to the metro: there are 9 stations on the MCD-1 from which passengers can make an interchange to the metro and the MCC.

In early July, a reverse train traffic was launched on another section – the Kurskaya-Kalanchevskaya of the MCD-2. Construction work on this section is also aimed at launching the MCD-4. Completion of the fourth diameter is scheduled for mid-2023.

The reverse train traffic was launched on the first Moscow Central Diameter

The MCD is an above-ground metro which is considered an analogue of the Crossrail in London and the RER in Paris. It allows passengers to travel from the suburbs to the city centre and back. Passengers can interchange to the metro, the MCC and the surface transport. The MCD consists of 60 stations with 21 interchanges. The launch of the MCD-4 is planned in 2023. The total length of the future diameter will be 86 km with 39 stops. This diameter will improve the transport service of the 23 Moscow districts with a population of more than 2.5 million people. From the 18 MCD-4 stations it will be possible to make an interchange to the metro. The interval in peak hours has been reduced from 9 to 6 minutes. The MCD-4 train fleet will be renovated by 2025. The daily passenger flow of the 4th diameter can be 455.000 people. This is 84% higher than the current figure. The MCD-4 trains will have 1.449 million passenger seats per day. In 2021, 6 stations were reconstructed and built on existing and future diameters. On December 7, the new Aminyevskaya station of the future MCD-4 was opened.

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