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Siemens Mobility to modernize the Oslo Metro with a digitalized train control system

Siemens Mobility awarded €270 million contract to install digitalized CBTC technology across entire 94 km of track, including a new 6 km track which is aiming to increase availability, safety, and capacity of the Oslo Metro.

Siemens Mobility to modernize the Oslo Metro with a digitalized train control system

Siemens Mobility has been awarded a €270 million contract by Sporveien AS in Oslo, Norway to install and maintain a Communications-Based Train Control system (CBTC) on the Oslo Metro. Siemens Mobility will completely replace the current legacy signalling with its digitalized CBTC technology which will provide greater automation and connectivity, allowing for a more efficient and centralized control of operations. Specifically, the optimization and renewal of the complete 94 km network will increase the availability, safety, and capacity of the Oslo Metro, while also equipping it to meet the future demands for mobility and the need for any potential expansions or upgrades. As part of this contract, Siemens Mobility will design, integrate, test, and commission the system, while also providing digital maintenance and support services for the CBTC system for 25 years.

“With this investment we are securing the future of the T-Bane in Oslo. With CBTC technology we are revolutionizing the metro network with a modern, innovative system which will provide greater train automation, increased capacity and improved traffic flow,” said Cato Hellesjø, CEO, Sporveien.

“Siemens Mobility is delighted to have been selected to deliver Communications- Based Train Control signalling for the Oslo Metro. Our state-of-the-art signaling technology will increase the reliability, availability and efficiency of the Oslo Metro, which will ultimately enhance the passenger experience for the residents of Oslo,”
said Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility. “This important project further underscores our leading position in the field for delivering automated signalling systems that improve the infrastructure and sustainability of public transportation.”

The Oslo CBTC system will operate at Grade of Automation level 2 (GoA2) and the radio based technology will enable real-time data to be captured on vehicle position and speed conditions. The digitalized system will allow the Oslo Metro to safely increase the number of vehicles on a rail line and the greater frequency of train arrivals will give them the capacity to accommodate more passengers on the system. Additionally, the ability to continuously receive updates on system status will improve operational efficiency, resulting in fewer delays and more up-to-date travel information.

To maintain and support the system, Siemens Mobility will provide its comprehensive digital asset management solutions for rail systems which will reduce the risk of failure of critical assets, increase availability, and minimize maintenance costs. This will include the digital application suite Railigent, a cloud-based platform that will enable the Oslo Metro to intelligently use rail data, optimize their maintenance and operations, and help maximize the availability of its fleet.

The Oslo Metro is the largest of the Nordic metros and is part of the publicly owned corporation Sporveien AS, who operate and maintain the Oslo Metro and Oslo Tramway. Inaugurated in 1966, the current network consists of five lines that stretch across 88 km, serving 101 stations of which 17 are underground or indoors. Utilizing a fleet of 115 Siemens MX3000 three-car trains, the Oslo Metro carries more than 100 million riders annually.

The Siemens Mobility CBTC solution Trainguard MT is the most extensively deployed automatic train control system in the world and is used by many operators, including Paris, Beijing, New York, London, and Copenhagen.

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