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A new station of the future MCD 4 – Aminyevskaya was opened in Moscow

On December 7, the new Aminyevskaya station was opened on the Kievsky railway line, which will become part of the Moscow Central Diameter 4 (MCD) in the future. Its launch took place simultaneously with the launch of the eponymous station of the Big Circle Line. Both stations are connected by the underground passage, thanks to which passengers can get from one station to another in a couple of minutes without going outside.

A new station of the future MCD 4 – Aminyevskaya was opened in Moscow

Already this year, the new railway station will receive more than 6.6 thousand people daily. By 2025, passenger traffic will grow up to 10,000 people daily, and by 2030 to 16,000 people daily.

«The MCD-4 is the most difficult diameter in terms of implementation. The opening of the Aminievskaya station is another stage in the large-scale railway infrastructure transformation, which we are carrying out for the new through route MCD-4 launch, which will run from the west to the east and connect 7 railway stations. We manage to maintain a leading position in terms of the pace of the stations construction and reconstruction not only in Russia, but also in the world. In 2021, 6 stations were reconstructed and built on existing and future diameters», – noted Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

Thanks to the launch of the two stations in the south-west of Moscow, a large Aminyevskaya hub has appeared. It has improved the transport accessibility of Ramenki and Ochakovo-Matveevskoye districts residents, where more than 274 thousand people live. The passengers traveling from the Moscow region have received a new first convenient interchange to the metro.

The new Aminyevskaya station of the future MCD-4 fully complies with the standards of Moscow transport. Two platforms with full-length canopies and a passenger underground lobby with elevators and escalators were built here, the territory was landscaped by organizing convenient approaches to it from the residential complex under construction side.

A new station of the future MCD 4 – Aminyevskaya was opened in Moscow

The MCD is an above-ground metro which is considered an analogue of the Crossrail in London and the RER in Paris. It allows passengers to travel from the suburbs to the city centre and back. Passengers can interchange to the metro, the MCCand the surface transport. The MCD consists of 60 stations with 21 interchanges. The launch of the MCD-4 is planned in 2023. The total length of the future diameter will be 86 km with 39 stops. This diameter will improve the transport service of the 23 Moscow districts with a population of more than 2.5 million people. From the 18 MCD-4 stations it will be possible to make an interchange to the metro. The interval in peak hours has been reduced from 9 to 6 minutes. The MCD-4 train fleet will be renovated by 2025. The daily passenger flow of the 4th diameter can be 455.000 people. This is 84% higher than the current figure. The MCD-4 trains will have 1.449 million passenger seats per day.

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