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Maksim Liksutov on Face Pay in the Moscow Metro

The Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport Maksim Liksutov declared about Face Pay payment service is convenient and safe in the Moscow metro.

Maksim Liksutov on Face Pay in the Moscow Metro

In his personal column, Deputy mayor Liksutov noted that the Face Pay biometric payment service has already been chosen by about 45 thousand passengers in the metro. At the same time other payment methods are preserved.

The Deputy mayor reminded that this service had been launched in the subway a month and a half ago.

According to him, passengers noted the convenience of the service and as a consequence - a rapid increase in popularity. Since the project was launched, there have been more than 160 thousand trips with biometrics. For convenience the number of turnstiles with facial recognition system has been increased.

“The project won the Traffic Formula award in the category “The best solution in the field of digitalization of transport,” which also confirms the safety and high level of our IT system, - added Liksutov.

To use the service, you need to add a photo to the Metro Moscow application. The photo is converted into an encrypted biometric key, consisting of a character set that cannot be translated back into a face image. You also need to link a bank card with funds to pay fares and the Troika card.

“When you go through the turnstile, the camera also immediately translates the image of your face into a biometric key, compares it with the keys from the database and deducts the fare. All personal information about the name and bank card information of the passenger is stored and processed only in secure information systems of your bank,” - explained the Deputy mayor.

The Deputy mayor underlined that the Face Pay technology is absolutely secure. Liksutov compared payment with biometrics to tethering a bank card in an application to pay for purchases.

“We believe that in 2-3 years, 10-15% of metro passengers will regularly use Face Pay. All the more so, interest in biometrics has increased in the pandemic. I believe that Face Pay is now the most convenient and secure service for payment service in transport,” -concluded Maksim Liksutov.

In addition, face recognition technology “Sfera” is working in the Moscow metro, which has allowed to identify more than 2,520 citizens who are on the federal wanted list. It has also found 380 lost people, including 89 children. “Sfera” has already earned the “Transport Security of Russia 2021” award.

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