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Ubility Light from Grammer: Bus and train seats rethought

A surprise in every respect, Grammer’s new Ubility Light seat for urban passenger transport saves weight, reduces emissions and the use of resources, and features an intelligent utilization concep

Ubility Light from Grammer: Bus and train seats rethought

In a development never seen before in buses and trains, it is a seating system that can be used in the direction of travel or in the opposite direction without the need for any conversion. Passengers decide in what direction they would like to take their seats. This is made possible by the innovative minimalism that the Grammer team has featured when developing the Ubility Light: The seat consists of an ultra-lightweight, yet high-strength aluminum frame covered with a durable knitted fabric. The lower cross member is coated with a preformed rigid foam pad, acting as a seat. “You’re immediately surprised when you sit down,” says Dr. Andreas Diehl, President Division Commercial Vehicles at Grammer AG. “That’s because our ergonomic combination of a textile backrest and foam pad provides excellent seating comfort on short- and medium-haul urban routes – in both directions of travel.”

Another innovation is the clever product design and the carefully considered use of materials – the slim aluminum frame consists of only five components, while the knitted fabric is as flexible as it is robust. All this makes the new seat ultra-lightweight, weighing around 60 percent less than conventional seats and thus helping to achieve considerable potential savings in energy consumption and emissions. In European urban train traffic alone, the Ubility Light could help to avoid 130,000 tons of carbon emissions per year.

In terms of sustainability, the new Grammer concept goes one step further: The complete product life cycle of the Ubility Light is the first ever “circular ready” seating series for buses and trains, i.e. designed for recyclability and material separation. Its service life can be significantly extended through refit or refurbishment programs.

As part of Grammer’s new Ubility One product family, the Ubility Light is particularly designed for use in heavy-traffic interior zones with high fluctuation. What makes it particularly attractive for municipal transport companies is the fact that it permits maximum seating flexibility in buses, trains and autonomous shuttles thanks to its simple, fast installation and numerous configuration options.

About Ubility One from Grammer
The name is both program and a premiere: With Ubility One, a combination of the terms “urban” and “mobility”, Grammer is positioning itself as the first supplier of an integrated interior concept for tomorrow’s buses and trains. With the three seat models Ubility Light, Ubility Air and Ubility Shift, the innovative product family focuses on people and their utilization profiles for urban transportation. Ubility One offers comfort for passengers, combined with efficiency and flexibility for OEMs and transport operators, while meeting society’s expectations for sustainable, climate-neutral products. Production of the first models in the Ubility One product family is scheduled to commence at a European Grammer plant in 2023. Learn more at www.grammer.comenubility

Company profile

Grammer AG, headquartered in Ursensollen, Germany, is active in two business segments: Grammer develops and supplies high-quality interior and operating systems as well as innovative thermoplastic components for the global automotive industry. For trucks, trains, buses, and off-road vehicles, Grammer is a full-service provider of driver and passenger seats. Currently, Grammer AG employs around 14,000 people in 20 countries worldwide, with sales of around 1.7 billion euros in 2020. Grammer shares are listed in the Prime Standard and traded on the Munich and Frankfurt stock exchanges as well as via the Xetra electronic trading system.

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