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GATX Railcar Availability: New freight railcar investments

GATX Rail Europe has been a top choice for decades in the tank railcar leasing market, however, more recently, GATX has also accelerated investments in freight railcars to be-come a leader in this segment.

GATX Railcar Availability: New freight railcar investments

The key to GATX’s success is its commitment to grow and diversify for its customers. Over the last 5 years, GATX Rail Europe has added about 3,000 freight cars to its fleet to satisfy the needs of our customers across Europe and industry segments. On a go forward basis, we will continue to heavily and aggressively invest to grow our freight railcar fleet and continue to expand the fleet mix with safe, modern, and high-quality railcars.

Johannes Friess, Business Unit Manager at GATX Rail Europe, is proud of the freight growth,
“We entered the freight and intermodal market a few years ago, and we are keeping our promise of continuous investments. Rail freight demand is on the rise, and more and more companies view it as the sustainable and competitive green transport mode of the future.”

New orders for 2022
GATX Rail Europe has nearly 1,000 new built intermodal cars delivering in the coming year to satisfy our customers’ fast-approaching 2022 demands. GATX has also meaningfully ordered wood and steel coil flat cars, which are expected to deliver throughout 2022.

GATX Rail Europe has made railcar leasing easier by placing an enormous focus on having the right cars for its customers. Going forward, as more players switch to rail to help improve efficiency and sustainability, GATX is here to help make the change as effortless as possible. If you have any transport needs, contact your local Key Account Manager or request your railcars here.

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