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The Moscow Central Diameters contribute to the adjacent territories development

Today special attention is paid to urban public transport development in Moscow. As a result, road congestion has decreased and the popularity of public transport has boosted up by several times, especially during peak hours.

The Moscow Central Diameters contribute to the adjacent territories development

Unique transport projects such as the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) have been implemented in the capital. All of them along with the Moscow Metro form the basis of the railway transport framework of the capital.

This September, an investment project on workplace creation outside the Third Ring Road of Moscow was adopted. Investors have committed themselves to create workplaces by building industrial complexes, business centers and a comprehensive school. Investments in the project’s implementation will amount to more than 25 billion rubles.

Thus, according to the project, some of the facilities will be built within walking distance of the MCD stations. For example, a business center will be built in the west of the capital, 15-minutes walk from the Fili MCD 1 station. Next to the Butovo MCD 2 station in the former industrial zone site in the south of Moscow a shopping center will be built. Two business centers will appear at the future Ochakovo MCD 4 station. On the territory of the New Moscow two industrial complexes will be built, and their employees will be able to use the future Krekshino MCD 4 station. A production and logistics complex will be near the Dmitrovskaya MCD 2 station.

«The Mayor of Moscow approved an investment project to create 19,500 workplaces in the capital, all of them are outside the Third Ring Road. This is in line with the decentralization of Moscow – to unload the center and reduce the number of trips during peak hours inside the city by creating additional workplaces outside the center. The gradual development of public transport, including the MCD launch, makes possible to improve the accessibility of the existing areas throughout Moscow. On the site of the former wasteland and industrial zones it is possible to create modern and promising residential districts and functional urban areas», – noted Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

The MCD is an above-ground metro which is considered an analogue of the Crossrail in London and the RER in Paris. It allows passengers to travel from the suburbs to the city center and back. Passengers can interchange to the metro, the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and the surface transport. The MCD consists of 60 stations with 21 interchanges. The launch of the future MCD 3 is planned in 2023. The new Moscow Central Diameter will include 43 stations and its length will be 82 km. The MCD 4 is scheduled to be launched in 2023. There will be 18 transit stations with 35 options for interchanges to the metro, the Moscow Central Circle and other diameters. With the MCD 4, passengers will be able to reach 7 Moscow terminals without interchanges. The MCD 5 launch is planned on the 2025.

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