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Siemens Mobility subsidiary eos.uptrade provides ‘Best Price’ ticket solution for Stuttgart transit authority

Siemens Mobility subsidiary eos.uptrade has partnered with Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) to integrate the ‘Best Price’ option into the SSB Move app, making it more convenient for passengers to buy public transport tickets. eos.uptrade utilized its XiXo ticketing software to create a new ticketing module that automatically calculates the best possible price at all times

Siemens Mobility subsidiary eos.uptrade provides ‘Best Price’ ticket solution for Stuttgart transit authority
Passengers no longer need to decide whether a single ticket, a day ticket or even a weekly/monthly ticket is the right choice for them. The automated calculation of the best price offers maximum flexibility for passengers and operators.

“Our ‘Best Price’ offer is now available to a wide range of customers, allowing them to use our offer even more spontaneously and flexibly. We are very pleased to be bringing this innovative ticketing approach to life,” stated Mario Laube, Commercial Director at SSB.

“This is another example of how smart and innovative applications can intelligently integrate and coordinate transportation to create a more seamless and convenient travel experience,” said Andre Rodenbeck, CEO Rail Infrastructure at Siemens Mobility. “Having the ability to always get the best price from the full spectrum of mobility options significantly improves the passenger experience and enhances overall quality of life.”

“Corona has significantly accelerated changes in our working environments and thus also in our mobility behavior. This increases the need for flexible and attractive public transport services,” said Mathias Hüske, Managing Director of eos.uptrade. “SSB has opted for a seamlessly integrated solution that creates lasting trust among passengers.”

The new ticket can be booked via the trip planner. Once the user has decided on a connection, the price overview shows the ‘Best Price Ticket’ option. If this option is selected, the underlying technology will do the rest. Following all journeys made within a month, the system automatically charges the lowest price. From single tickets to monthly tickets, passengers no longer need to worry about which ticket will be the right. The trip overview also shows the savings compared to a ticket without ‘Best Price’ optimization.

The integration of the new ticket into SSB’s existing mobile store means there is no need for passengers to register again, all relevant data is stored in the app and the payment method specified by the customer is used for monthly billing.

The XiXo solutions from eos.uptrade are all based on best price optimization and can be flexibly expanded depending on the requirements of the transport company. With XiXo.easy, passengers do not even have to select a route in advance, they can conveniently log in via the app when boarding and will be reminded to check out at the end of their journey. A Check-in/Be-out system (CiBo) automatically detects when the passenger leaves the vehicle. The comprehensive Be-in/Be-out solution (BiBo) utilizes supporting hardware in the vehicles to fully automate and record the route traveled.

Together, Siemens Mobility, Hacon, eos.uptrade, Bytemark and Padam Mobility provide a unique and holistic ecosystem of digital services and solutions: From trip planning across passenger communication to mobile ticketing, payment, and comprehensive Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, fleet management to train planning systems and mobility data analytics.

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