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ÖBB Rail Cargo Group and Kombiverkehr have now established a service between Budapest and Neuss that runs six times a week and another that stops off at Wels and Wien Süd that runs three times a week, which between them save the CO2 emissions of 17,000 truck journeys.


ÖBB Rail Cargo Group and Kombiverkehr have improved their existing rail freight service between the Hungarian capital Budapest and Neuss in Germany once again for the benefit of their customers. From now on, six return trips per week, spread over six working days, will connect these two important European economic centres by rail.

Three services operated in partnership by Kombiverkehr and Rail Cargo Operator also connect the terminals in Wels and Wien Süd in both directions. The other three connections are operated directly and without any intermediate stops by RCG from Budapest to Neuss and back. In total, this service allows approximately 180 loading units per week and direction to be transported by eco-friendly rail and eliminates the need for around 17,000 truck journeys each year.

International intermodal network

The two routes - Budapest-Vienna-Wels-Neuss and back and Budapest-Neuss and back - are crucial corridors in the intermodal network operated by the two partners, not least with regard to incoming and outgoing consignments at the dispatch and destination terminals.

It is now possible to access South Eastern Europe from Budapest on a daily basis thanks to a daily service to Turkey. Furthermore, the hub in Budapest offers a connection to China three times a week via the New Silk Road. What’s more, the terminals in Wels and Wien Süd offer even more opportunities for networking to the respective economic areas and their connections to international transport networks.

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