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From diesel to hydrogen – new InnoTrans Podcast episode with Cummins

How can alternative drives help to reduce emissions? How important will diesel technology still be in the future? In the latest episode of the InnoTrans Podcast, due to air on 8 June, Regina Barringer, general manager of Cummins, a US exhibitor at InnoTrans, will take a look at the future of mobility.

From diesel to hydrogen – new InnoTrans Podcast episode with Cummins

“It’s an exciting time to be in rail. The enhanced sustainability focus is driving industry partners and suppliers to provide cleaner and more sustainable solutions while delivering superior reliability, safety and performance. As a partner to the rail industry since 1930, Cummins is proud to be a part of the transformation”, says Regina Barringer.

Whether hydrogen or hybrid – on the way to a more sustainable future more and more customers are in search of alternative drives. According to Regina Barringer in the podcast interview, digital technologies are also key to becoming more energy-efficient. The long-term goal is zero emissions. One has to fulfil customers' individual needs. There are markets and segments where diesel technology will continue to play a role.

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The next episode of the InnoTrans Podcast will be aired on 13 July, when Prof. Dr. Tjark Siefkes of the Institute of Vehicle Concepts of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will be the guest.

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