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GbE Ethernet Train Backbones

Train Control Networks (TCNs) are facing new technological challenges since there are growing demands from the Train Operators and the Passengers alike. This brings higher Ethernet bandwidth requirements.

GbE Ethernet Train Backbones

In the context of future digitalization and automation for rail operations, more demanding connectivity requirements are realised compared to today’s operations.

Data rates, latency and reliability will be the key factors when working with 5G or millimetric wave solutions and technology that supports these requirements. 5G and Millimetric data rates, especially if operations include the on-board trains systems and passenger connectivity services will drive up the data usage even higher. These high demanding data solutions will require the usage of the 10GbE TCN Backbones.

High-Definition Video Streams are generated on the Trains by differing camera types from analogue to full HD. For example, High-Definition track monitoring cameras are mainly used for safety reasons: obstacle detection on the rails to track inspection are just some of the features of the said system which creates high demand of Data throughput.

On the other hand, the ridership now has the expectation of an equivalent WiFi and connectivity comparable to that they experience at home. This leads to even more demand on the network availability; with the deployment of the 10GbE switch solution with associated cabling you can with confidence enhance and offer reliability to the train systems and paying passengers for increased on-board comfort and entertainment.

The solution that is available now is a Consist Switch with up to five 10GbE ports.

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