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Certified M12-Mini X-Code cable connectors from PROVERTHA for high-speed Ethernet

10GigE cable connectors from Provertha now offer certified shock and vibration protection according to DIN EN 61373, category 2, and 500h corrosion protection.

Certified M12-Mini X-Code cable connectors from PROVERTHA for high-speed Ethernet
Certified M12-Mini X-Code cable connectors with cable gland.

The performance of Provertha's M12-Mini X-Code cable connector series has been officially documented on the basis of certifications according to relevant standards. The certification covers all straight and angled (backplane) 10 Gbit Ethernet variants in the reliable, vibration-proof crimp connection technology. The turned crimp contacts have a significantly higher current carrying capacity for use in special applications. The M12-Mini X-Code in protection class IP67 (screw-locked) is the industry's most compact 10GigE cable connector for space-saving Ethernet or Profinet connection, which can be used in a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

All M12-Mini X-Code connectors have successfully passed the tests according to DIN EN 61373 "Railway rolling stock equipment – Shock and vibration tests" (category 1, class B, and 2). In addition, they feature the 500h corrosion protection, proven by successfully passing the salt spray test according to EN 60512-11-6. Furthermore, the complete test programme according to the M12 connector standard IEC 61076-2-109 including the test group FP for the electrical transmission parameters was successfully passed in a certified test laboratory.

This proves that the compact Provertha M12-Mini X-Code cable connectors are ideally suited for applications in railway technology as well as for extremely harsh industrial environments subject to shock and vibration, e.g. for presses in automotive manufacturing. Due to the increased corrosion protection and the increased shock and vibration resistance, the M12-Mini X-Code connectors are perfect for mobile automation applications.

Likewise, the circular connectors ensure reliable signal transmission in the tightest installation spaces in demanding applications such as video and medical technology.

Reliably transmit large amounts of data in the smallest of spaces

In view of constantly increasing data volumes, X-coding has great significance for future data transmission, especially when sensors generate large amounts of data, for example camera systems. Due to the galvanic isolation of the wire pairs, which is visible in the form of an X, X-coded connectors can transmit high data rates of 10 GBit/s in a robust industrial M12 connector face. The new M12-Mini X-Code connector is proven to ensure compact, secure and reliable data/signal transmission. The M12 cable gland has a length of only 44 mm with an outer diameter of 16/14 mm. Nevertheless, the connector offers a large cable clamping range of 4 to 9 mm. Its all-metal housing ensures effective shielding with high EMC. At the same time a solid fully shielded strain relief is provided.

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