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VariaPro is extremely tough

Hard impacts, sudden shocks and permanent vibrations - nowhere else are components exposed to harsher conditions than in rail transport. That is why the approvals for parts and components for railway vehicles are among the toughest of all.

VariaPro is extremely tough

It was precisely in this harsh environment in which HUMMEL AG had tested the VariaPro cable glands independently. The conclusion: VariaPro cable glands withstand the strongest shocks, remain functional in permanent vibrations and withstand impacts of up to 100G without damage.

They thus not only fulfil the railway standards EN 45545-2+3, but also the shock tests of the highest possible category 3 (DIN EN 61373). Dr Bertram Melzig-Thiel, Vice President of the cable glands product line, describes what this means in concrete terms: "These cable glands can even be installed on the wheelset of locomotives or wagons without hesitation - in other words, exactly where the vibrations are strongest."

The results of the vibration and shock testing also have positive effects on other industries and applications. "Components that withstand these challenging railway tests can be used in many other harsh environments without hesitation," explains Dr Bertram Melzig-Thiel. There are many examples of this: Construction vehicles, heavy industry, transportation and generally all applications that are exposed to high dynamics in robust industrial environments.

In addition to the VariaPro Rail rail cable gland, there is the VariaPro Temp variant for extreme temperatures (from -60° to +200°C) as well as the acid-resistant VariaPro FKM for the process industry. These variants are identical in construction to the tested rail cable gland. This means that customers with demanding industrial applications can also install all cable glands of the VariaPro series with a clear conscience.

Other common features are the easy assembly and the slim design. Therefore, this gland is also interesting for environments with limited installation space and for applications where only little space is available for the cable inlet. The standard of the VariaPro series also includes the integrated EMC connection. This makes the cable gland a multi-talent and gives the user the security of being prepared for many requirements.

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