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RENFE awarded CAF the supply of 37 metric gauge trains which will be used to replace the railway operator's existing fleet of this type of unit.


The trains in this order are separated into two different sets: Firstly, 31 trains that will run on the RENFE Metric Gauge lines, previously managed by FEVE, improving rail services in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León and the Basque Country; and secondly, 6 trains - also Metric Gauge - that will replace the entire existing fleet serving the Cercedilla-Cotos line in the Madrid mountains, vehicles that have been running for over 40 years. The total volume of this operation for CAF amounts to over 250 million euros.

Accordingly, RENFE has begun an ambitious investment scheme, which, with an initial projected budget of close to 5 billion euros, will replace a significant proportion of its train fleet. These initial contracts are testament to the trust that RENFE has placed in the CAF Group, further strengthening the close relationship established between both companies since they started working together. This has also provided CAF with the opportunity to collaborate with RENFE to update its rolling stock, something which CAF will also make good use of to work on and develop new solutions which are called for given the current health problems, with a view towards guaranteeing completely safe travel aboard this new fleet.

The newly-developed CAF trains will feature cutting-edge on-board technology, accessibility and comfort, and will provide access to people with reduced mobility, as well as being fully adapted for persons with visual or hearing impairments.

The order is separated into two sets of metric gauge trains

The first set of units consists of the supply of 31 metric gauge trains, as well as the supply of parts and the maintenance of 12 trains for a term of 15 years, which will be performed by ACTREN, a company both RENFE and CAF have a stake in. The contract includes the future option to purchase 7 additional units to extend the order.

Of the 31 trains the basic contract includes, 26 of these will be electric, while the remaining 5 trains have been initially contracted as dual-type, i.e. they can run on both electric and catenary-free lines. It should be noted that the units will be designed such that in the near future they can be converted to use battery technology, or fuel cell-related technology.

Moreover, all the trains in this contract will be prepared to integrate the dual traction module to extend their operating range beyond electric tracks. As required by RENFE, the trains will be fitted out with cutting-edge technology in the sector, as well as with a variety of comfort and safety items to make travelling a more pleasant passenger experience.

The second set consists of 6 electric traction trains that will serve the Cercedilla-Cotos line and will represent a major qualitative step forwards in terms of comfort and travel experience compared to the units currently operating on this route, owing to the technological advances that the new units will feature. In this case, the contract also includes 15 years of first-class maintenance, which will be performed at the existing workshop in Cercedilla.

It must be reiterated that the entire fleet of vehicles that CAF will supply for these new contracts will consist of electric and hybrid units. Lest we forget that trains are one of the key contributors to combating global warming and to achieving more sustainable mobility. They can replace other means of transport for both short and long-distance journeys due to their consumption capacity and efficiency, and can also play a crucial role in developing how transport will be in the future.

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