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Cojali S. L. is committed to Knorr-Bremse as strategic partner to promote the growth and development of the company, turning the German company into the majority shareholder of the company

Cojali S. L., the world leader in development of multi-brand diagnostics equipment and other technological solutions and components for commercial vehicle, has signed a contract with Knorr-Bremse, the global market leader for braking systems and a leading supplier of other rail and commercial vehicle equipment, to be part of the shareholding of the Spanish company.

Cojali S. L. is committed to Knorr-Bremse as strategic partner to promote the growth and development of the company, turning the German company into the majority shareholder of the company

  • Cojali is the world leader in development of automotive components and multi-brand diagnostic equipment for commercial vehicles, with its tool Jaltest Diagnostics.
  • Based on its wide experience with traditional diagnostics, Cojali has developed remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance solutions; the next step for the connected and digitalised workshops.
  • In fiscal year 2021, Cojali generated revenues of around EUR 78 million, sustaining an annual growth rate of 16% on average while achieving well above-average profitability.
  • Knorr-Bremse has signed a contract for the acquisition of a majority 55% stake of the company.

The transaction will be subject to the usual conditions, including approval by the relevant antitrust authorities.

The Knorr-Bremse’s strategy is to invest in the growing market for connectivity while further developing its digitalisation expertise in the commercial transport industry. For this reason, Cojali is the most appropriated partner to achieve these goals, because of its solutions, experience and know-how in terms of remote diagnostics and applied data science.

“With Knorr-Bremse, we now have the ideal partner at our side, as well as the Group’s extensive network. This cooperation will enable us to further develop our products and services and make them available to an even larger customer base. Together, we are effectively triggering the next stage of Cojali’s growth, by sharing our knowledge and working together with Knorr-Bremse’s team” adds Venancio Alberca, founder and CEO of Cojali S. L.

Bernd Spies, Member of the Executive Board of Knorr-Bremse AG and responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Systems division: “By acquiring a stake in Cojali, not only are we strengthening our existing aftermarket business by investing in a commercial vehicle-specific software solution that will open up new business opportunities for us in the fields of Big Data and predictive maintenance based on Big Data – we are also continuing our successful growth based on the digitalisation megatrend. I’m very much looking forward to working with the Cojali team.”

Using Cojali’s diagnostics expertise, workshops and fleet operators can assess the status of vehicle components accurately and quickly, regardless of brand, while also receiving comprehensive assistance with troubleshooting. Among fleet operators of all sizes, there is a growing need to check the condition of specific components and even entire vehicle systems not just while vehicles are parked in a workshop, but while they are on route, so that any necessary repairs can be predicted as early as possible.

As part of their collaborative relationship, Knorr-Bremse and Cojali will work on expanding their range of remote diagnostics, connectivity and predictive maintenance with the aim of further enhancing the availability of their customers’ fleets, in addition to expanding the component market for commercial vehicle.

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