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Thales to Boost Greater Jakarta’s Commuter Traffic with New Payment and Ticketing Platform

Indonesia’s transport agency PT Jakarta Lingko Indonesia awards a consortium led by PT Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi and comprising Thales, Lyko and PT Aino Indonesia an 8-year contract to deploy, operate and maintain a ticketing platform and a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution for Indonesia's capital, Jakarta.

Thales to Boost Greater Jakarta’s Commuter Traffic with New Payment and Ticketing Platform

The Greater Jakarta metropolitan area commonly known as Jabodetabek includes the capital Jakarta and the satellite cities of Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang and South Tangerang. The metropolis spreads over an area of 6,343 km2 with a population of over 31 million residents, making it the most populous region in Indonesia. Jakarta’s transportation master plan includes the government’s target to increase the share of public transportation use to 60 percent of all movements and expand its coverage area to 80 percent of all roads in Greater Jakarta by 2029.

In support of this ambition plan, the Jatelindo consortium through PT JakLingko Indonesia will implement an electronic integrated payment and tariff system for the public transportation operators operating in Jabodetabek. Under the consortium, Thales will design and develop an integrated payment system that uses an Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) solution for intermodal transportation. Travellers using different transportation networks will be able to either swipe their smartphones or use contactless travel cards to enter public transport, making their journeys seamless with an enhanced passenger experience.

Using ABT, public transportation users can benefit from the smart technology in the JakLingko application that can read a passenger’s profile and propose different fares accordingly. For example, a total of 14 fare categorisations will be available, including students and elderly passenger rates, making travel more equitable for all.

Thales is a member of the Jatelindo Consortium and has successfully implemented Account Based Ticketing (ABT) technology in several countries in Europe and Asia. It is hoped that this success can also be replicated in Jabodetabek as a pilot project for payment, fare and route integration systems in Indonesia.

The Thales TRANSCITY™ platform* forms the backbone of the system with Thales working closely within the consortium to deliver the project in several phases, including an eight-year Operation and Maintenance contract. In the first phase of the project, Thales will provide a new QR code ticketing system for fare collection, interfacing the MaaS solution and a mobile application. This system will include enhanced mobility features leading to an “end-to-end ticketing solution” in the final phase enable to handle five million transactions daily, where the consortium will migrate the existing card-centric architecture to a full Account Based Ticketing (ABT) one. Commuters can expect to start using the integrated solution from August 2022.

* The modular, scalable TRANSCITY™ architecture allows operators to choose the combination of products that best meets their specific infrastructure needs. It can be implemented in the operator’s datacentre or hosted in the cloud to benefit from additional resources on demand. This architecture is cybersecured by Thales.

“I am delighted that Thales is making its first foray into the transportation sector in Indonesia. This ambitious project with the Jatelindo consortium is working on concrete solutions that will help ease congestion and boost commuter traffic across Jakarta’s varied transportation network. By bringing our strong expertise in rail and ticketing solutions and working closely with our local partners to build local capabilities, we are committed to helping Indonesia build their future transportation network,” - Olivier RABOURDIN , Country Director, Thales in Indonesia.

“PT JakLingko Indonesia and the Jatelindo Consortium will provide the best for the Jabodetabek community in this Payment System Integration project, Fares and Routes. Thales’ experience in implementing Account Based Ticketing in several countries in Europe and Asia will certainly be well implemented in Jabodetabek” – Muhamad Kamaluddin, President Director, PT JakLingko Indonesia

”We are happy that we can establish collaborative and cooperative efforts between Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi Indonesia and Thales. We will focus on managing the first integration payment system in Indonesia and make this successful implementation for all of us especially for JakLingko Indonesia on behalf of the Governor of Jakarta Province” – Director, Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi Indonesia

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