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High power Industrial and Railway 3ph 3000VA DC/AC Inverters

The ODX-3000 is a three phase 3000VA DC/AC inverter available both for a wide range of industrial and railway applications (under 50155 standard).

High power Industrial and Railway 3ph 3000VA DC/AC Inverters

It offers true sine wave output voltage, high power density and it is suitable to work under harsh environment conditions while optimizing efficiency.

The ODX-3000 series delivers up to 3000W at 230Vac and 400Vac and offers a great variety of input-output combinations while not compromising performance. It has been designed for chassis mounting and a rackmount kit is available as well. Cooling takes place through an internal fan and the series offers up to 92% efficiency.

The input and output are galvanically isolated and the status of the input and output voltage can be monitored through the contacts of two separate solid state relays. The ODX-3000 inverter features maximum average power protection as well as maximum output peak current protection. It also features a disable function for input undervoltage, which protects the batteries from harmful discharges.

Parameters can be set and monitored via RS232 through the PAM Tool available with all models.

An inrush current limiting accessory with active protection against reverse polarity is also available. check the specifications of the ACI-3000 here.


- Sine wave output voltage
- Suitable for motors control
- Selectable output frequency: 50/60Hz
- Adjustable output voltage
- High input-output isolation 3000Vrms
- Remote inhibit
- Reverse phase
- Remote control via RS232
- Alarm by isolated relay contacts
- Remote off opto-coupled
- Optional railway version EN50155
- Fire and smoke: EN45545-2 approved
- Efficiency up to 92%

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