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GKD’s Series 2 Rated Capacity Indicator with ‘rail’ upgrade

GKD Technologies has recently ungraded its Series 2 civils system which is now fitted with an ‘Off Rail ALO’ upgrade.

GKD’s Series 2 Rated Capacity Indicator with ‘rail’ upgrade

Sean Layton, Senior Technical Engineer at GKD Technologies, explains,
“The Series 2 upgrade, once fitted to a piece of plant, will enable a civils machine to operate adjacent to an open rail line (ALO). The new Series 2 system conducts all of the dual verification, as per the Series 3 rail system, to meet ALO and OLE requirements. Series 2 also offers full RCI capabilities including height, slew and load control as well as slow down zones and virtual walls capability.

Sean concluded, “Currently, with a civils machine you can’t operate any closer than three-metres of a live railway line with the new GKD system installed on a civils machine you can safely work right on the boundary should you need to. GKD has also implemented a remote ‘safety switch’ where at a push of a button it will halt all the hydraulics.

As Network Rail continues to push on with the £0.8 bn of investment for CP6 to 2024, the ability of hirers and contractors to safely support the ambitious rail projects, works and improvements will be key to their success.”

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