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Wabtec Wins a Significant Order for London Underground

Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) secured an order to supply Siemens Mobility with several products for the London Underground’s Piccadilly Upgrade Program. The deal, valued at more than $70 million, is for brakes, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC), passenger information systems, and third-rail current collectors.

Wabtec Wins a Significant Order for London Underground

“London Underground is one of the world’s busiest transit systems with millions of passenger journeys per day. As such, it requires the most reliable and efficient solutions to deliver the expected flawless transport for Londoners” said Lilian Leroux, President of Wabtec’s Transit business. “These orders build upon our long-standing relationship with Siemens Mobility and will support one of the most modern and sustainable metros ever built.”

Wabtec will supply the components for 94 new trains as an initial order. The bogie brakes provide the London Underground with a weight savings of 250 kg reducing the train’s energy expenditure and offers a significant two-year extension on overhaul intervals helping increase availability and reduce maintenance costs. The sanding system also will increase safety by improving traction and adhesion in London’s demanding environment.

This order also marks the first time that trains in the London “Deep Tube” will be equipped with air conditioning systems. These systems are designed to reduce energy consumption compared to traditional offerings. In addition, the new passenger information system will create an exclusive passenger experience with clearer acoustics, bright modern and low energy displays, and comprehensive information displays for passengers.

Finally, the trains will be equipped with Wabtec’s third-rail current collectors, an innovative solution designed with resin moulding technology on selected components to reduce weight by more than 15 percent.

“It is an honor to be working on this project with Siemens,” said Leroux. “The Piccadilly Upgrade Program will greatly improve the London Underground and we are delighted to have so many solutions selected by Siemens to be part of a new fleet of trains that will create new levels of excellence in performance, reliability, safety, and passenger experience. We have nearly 2,500 employees in the UK who are developing and producing next-gen technologies that will transform the future of passenger rail.”

The Piccadilly Upgrade Program aims to replace the aging rolling stock, signaling and control systems across four lines. The first phase of the program is aiming at modernizing the fleet serving the Piccadilly Line with new trains.

The PLU project will support London's growing population and result in direct, indirect and induced job growth throughout London over the next years.

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