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Bombardier awarded contract for 40 additional FLEXITY Zurich trams by VBZ in Switzerland

Global mobility leader Bombardier Transportation and Zurich Public Transport operator VBZ have signed a contract for 40 additional BOMBARDIER FLEXITY low-floor trams for Zurich. This is part of an option from the contract awarded to Bombardier by VBZ in March 2017 for 70 FLEXITY trams with an option for a further 70. Today’s option for 40 additional trams is valued at approximately 172 million Swiss Francs (160 million euro, $194 million US), excluding VAT.

Bombardier awarded contract for 40 additional FLEXITY Zurich trams by VBZ in Switzerland

FLEXITY low-floor tram for Zurich.

  • Contract increases number of FLEXITY Zurich trams ordered to 110
  • FLEXITY Zurich trams won the coveted Red Dot Design Award this year, based on a successful mix of retro elements, which create a direct link to the city, a friendly interior design and state-of-the-art technology

“I am very pleased that we can now order an additional 40 FLEXITY trams for Zurich as the need for public transport will continue to grow as the population increases. More than 50 per cent of Zurich's citizens do not own a car, so in order to maintain this high proportion the public transport offer must be attractive to our customers and the new FLEXITY trams contribute significantly to this,” said Dr. Guido Schoch, Director of VBZ Zurich Public Transport.

“Today’s order for 40 more FLEXITY trams for Zurich is the best endorsement we could receive from our customer VBZ. These beautifully designed, state-of-the-art innovative low-floor trams meet the highest standards in terms of safety, environmental compatibility, energy consumption, accessibility, vibration and noise emissions, and they will provide safe and comfortable transportation for Zurich’s growing population for years to come,” said Stéphane Wettstein, Managing Director Switzerland at Bombardier Transportation.

The first FLEXITY Zurich tram of VBZ’s new fleet, vehicle number 4,001, was delivered to Switzerland in November 2019 for tests on the Zurich network and it began passenger services in October 2020.

Also in 2020, the FLEXITY Zurich tram won the renowned international Red Dot Design Award for Product Design. According to the jury, “FLEXITY Zurich impresses with a successful mix of retro elements, which create a direct link to the city, a friendly interior design and state-of-the-art technology.” The exterior and interior designs were developed collaboratively by design agency Milani, Bombardier and VBZ.

On the exterior, the 100 per cent low-floor design ensures the tram doors align with station platforms for easy boarding and disembarking. The low floors combined with wider doors make the trams’ accessibility easier for passengers with limited mobility. Regenerative braking increases energy-efficiency on these trams and Bombardier’s Obstacle Detection Assistance System (ODAS) adds a new level of safety.

On the interior, the new trams feature 20 per cent more passenger capacity than the trams currently in use. Spacious comfortable interiors have an open design to improve passenger flow and designated areas easily accommodate passengers in wheelchairs, as well as travellers with strollers or luggage. Dynamic timetables and dynamic passenger information onboard ensures that passengers receive the very latest travel information throughout their entire journey.
Bombardier’s FLEXITY trams are already in service in Basel and Zurich in Switzerland and they are renowned worldwide for their operational reliability, attractive design and enhanced safety features. More than 5,000 Bombardier trams and light rail vehicles have been ordered or are already in successful revenue service in cities across the world.

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