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Onset of winter brings restrictions

The current weather situation has brought restrictions to our transport services.

Onset of winter brings restrictions

Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to make sure your goods get delivered safe and sound, as we always do.

An overview of current service disruptions


  • The Tauern route between Schwarzach St. Veit and Spittal Millstättersee was closed from 18:00 on 04/12 18:00 Uhr to 05:40 on 08/12.
  • The route between Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein is closed due to a landslide. It is set to remain closed until slope reinforcement work has been completed by 23:59 on 22/12. Freight trains are being diverted over a large area, which means delays are to be reckoned with.
  • The Drava Valley (Drautal) route between Lienz and San Candido/Innichen has been closed from 18:00 on 04/12 and is expected to re-open at 23:59 on 17/12.


  • According to ÖBB Infrastructure, the extremely heavy snowfall means that route closures are to be reckoned with (Tauern, Brenner incl. Brennersee Terminal, Lienz-Sillian routes). The central and regional Incident Departments at ÖBB Infra have been in session since 02/12 – precautionary measures have been agreed upon, such as organising snow removal, on call rotas etc.

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