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Bombardier delivers the 10,000th overhauled bogie

Today, global mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation delivered the 10,000th overhauled bogie from its site in Siegen, Germany.

Bombardier delivers the 10,000th overhauled bogie

The 10,000th reworked bogie on the shop floor.

  • Since 2003, Bombardier’s Siegen site has repaired, maintained or overhauled a total of 10,000 bogies
  • Services team save resources by extending life cycles and efficiency of reworked rail components

With a rich rail history, and hosting numerous global bogie specialists and functions, Bombardier's Siegen site is a worldwide bogie centre of competence – a fact that also highlights the company’s continued commitment to the Siegen and North Rhine Westphalia region. Bombardier’s Siegen site is where the innovative BOMBARDIER FLEXX bogies are developed, produced, serviced and overhauled for rail operators across the globe.

“We are proud to have cracked the 10,000 reworked bogies milestone since the service department was founded,” said Dirk Kütting, Head of the Service-Department for Bogies & Drives at Bombardier Transportation. “Being able to deliver this impressive number is a credit to our approximately 800 highly motivated and dedicated employees.”

Since its foundation in 2003, the service department’s output has grown continuously from about 90 reworked bogies a year to over 1,000 reworked bogies per year. Across the globe, over seventy different customers from places like Germany, Europe, Japan and others have placed their trust in Bombardier’s bogie expertise.

Bombardier delivers the 10,000th overhauled bogie
The 10,000th reworked bogie ready for action.

Bogies are the most safety-relevant component in rail vehicles and are generally designed for a service life of 30-40 years. To ensure that operators’ trains run smoothly and safely, Bombardier's technical experts offer comprehensive service for all types of bogies - regardless of whether they are Bombardier or other manufacturers' vehicles. From scheduled overhauls, repairs or technical upgrades for an extended life cycle, to spare parts concepts for bogies and their components, the entire range of services including technical consultancy, is available at Bombardier’s Siegen site.

With innovative technical solutions and concepts, train operators benefit from cost and time savings due to short vehicle downtimes. Furthermore, the reuse of overhauled components makes an important contribution to more sustainable resource use while maintenance procedures have been optimized to guarantee reliable throughput times, increasing vehicle availability. The team has also developed a successful process for achieving an optimized wheel-rail combination to minimize wheel and rail wear, reduce noise emissions, and last but not least, reduce costs.

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