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What wagons and containers were needed for what freight? And what accessories ensure that the freight reaches its destination undamaged?


SmartLINK guides visitors through the Rail Cargo Group’s entire range of services and thus enables easy access to the rail system. SmartLINK also clearly presents the numerous options available for the RCG’s equipment. We determine what equipment is suitable for the relevant freight and what safety precautions need to be taken based on customer requirements and our wealth of experience.

Freight wagons: what type of wagon is best for what freight?

The RCG transports over 105 million net tonnes of freight annually, and there are 26,532 wagons available for precisely this purpose. Together with our customers, we select the most suitable one from various types, including open wagons or flat wagons used to transport wooden or steel structures, covered freight wagons for weather-sensitive freight, tank wagons for liquid products and dust wagons for fine-grained materials. We also offer TransANT: thanks to its flexible and lightweight design, the innovative platform wagon adapts to an extremely wide range of transport needs.

Containers: load freight the ideal way

Whether you’re looking to transport wood, beet or automotives, we’ve got the perfect equipment for all kinds of freight. Our assortment ranges from standardised containers and motorless semi-trailers to the MOBILER, which enables straightforward transhipment between trucks and wagons with its special lifting device.

Accessories: safety first

The necessary accessories are selected in a further step, since safety takes top priority. To ensure that the load reaches its destination undamaged, we use securing accessories such as tension belts, tarpaulins, ropes, chocks, stillages and other aids for each transport operation.

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Join the 155,000+ IMP followers